CA-12000 Broiler Counter

    The Poultry Counter CA-12000 was developed to meet poultry industry’s need of counting the birds hanged on theslaughtering machine, registering the number of birds going into the slaughterhouse.
    The counting is carried out by two photoelectric sensors that register the presence of both the hook and the bird simultaneously.
    The Poultry Counter is available in two versions:
    01. Version that sends the data to a computer located in the production control room. In this version the system has many reports to present the birdtallying.
    02. Version that uses a PLC with a display for registering and presenting the counting information. It can be installed near the counter at the shop floor.


    Product Description

    Maintenance Robustness
    The maintenance of the componentsof the Poultry Counter CA-12000 is simple and the project is compact, reducing components to the minimum necessary. The software’s interface is designed to ease its use.

    The system hasexcellent accuracy due to the use of two sensors to avoid multiple counting of a single bird when it swings in the slaughtering machine. One sensor counts the hook while the other one counts the bird.

    All the equipment set that composes the Poultry Counter, sensors, command box, cables, was projected specifically to work in an environment with plenty of moisture and severe cleaning processes.