CL-3500 Weight Grader

    The Weight Grader Lenke CL3500 relies on the highest technology to meet the rigid demands of the food industry. The product is weighed at high speed on a conveyor belt and pneumatic arms located on a discharge conveyor sort products according to the weight range or to build a fixed weight batch.
    The equipment is manufactured according to customers need, number of arms, type of infeed and batching bins are among the options that are customized. Each arm represents a weight range which is determined by the LK200 indicator. After being graded, the product may fall straight into boxes or be packed in plastic bags, avoiding operator handling. The product can be frozen or fresh.


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    Product Description

    Robustness Technical Features
    All the machine’s conception took into account adverse working conditions, in two or three daily shifts and intensive cleaning with water gush. The components used were carefully chosen in order to allow long durability. The equipment is made of stainless steel and polymers approved by the food industry. The indicator LK200 has IP67 armoring which avoids moisture permeation. The machine body is made of stainless steel, assuring strength.

    CL3500 has Ethernet communication, two RS232 bidirectional serial and a USB 2.0 door.

    Power supply is 3×380 + N, and consumption of 0,75 kW.

    Productivity Connectivity
    The production capacity of Lenke graders is 160 portions per minute for the single machine and 320 portions per minute for the double machine. In order to achieve the maximum performance of the machines, Lenke offers a broad variety of conveyor belts which can suit the layout and the products to be graded. For a better productivity Lenke has developed the double flow grader which can classify double the number of portions, still using nearly the same space as a single flow machine. The indicator LK200 may be connected through Ethernet with the client’s computers, providing valuable production data.