CPL-12000 Overhead Grader

    Brazilian equipment, has control software for grading the carcass weighing by preset ranges. Allows grading carcass according to their quality. Has control of the pneumatic pistons for carcass releasing in the packing stations. System complies with ABNT and NBR10.


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    Product Description

    Software Robustness
    The CPL-12000’s software has many resources and options as the classification by weight range, percentile distribution, number of portions per minute and A-B quality. Histograms with production data allow a clear visualization of what has been produced during a certain period and the data can be exported to a database for recording and further analysis. This information can be used for integration and performance analysis, and the integration with other systems is also possible. The Weight Grader CPL-12000 is made out of the best available components and each part of the machine has been designed considering continuous use, in two or even three daily shifts. The components are made of stainless steel and non-corrodible material. The machine perfectly stands the typical humid environment of slaughterhouses.
    Productivity Maintenance
    The capacity of the CPL-12000 is of up to 12 mil birds/hour with the 12-packing-stations scale. The equipment’s maintenance is simple and the project is compact, reducing components to the minimum necessary. The software interface was designed to ease its use.