LK-200 Industrial Terminal

    The LK200 Terminal was developed to be installed in industrial plants in order to allow interaction between the operator andLenke’s production control system modules. The equipment is programmable and can be used in any industrial plant, assuring high technology, ergonomics and reliability.


    Product Description

    Solutions Technical Features
    LK200’s physical constitution is compact and it can be programmed for several control functions such as production recording, communication with static and dynamic scales for checkweighing, conveyor belt flow control, communication with barcode printers and devices activation (luminaries, motors, pneumatic valves opening and closing and interaction with barcode scanners).




    The equipment is built in stainless steel with piezoelectric keyboard, assuring strength and IP67 protection grade.LK200 has Ethernet communication, RS232 serial and USB.

    VersionsTerminal – Work as HMI, communicating with several industrial devices.

    Scale – Has all the functions of the terminal and communicates with load cells to work as a scale.