LK-205.D1 – Ingredient Dosage Control System

    • Weighing Module with up to 120 samples per second;
    • Guarantee of speed and precision;
    • Compatible with most industrial printers;
    • High robustness in its construction for industrial environment;
    • Optional box to protect the printer;
    • Configurable platform with terminal, printer and scale;
    • Weighing platforms: 6kg, 15kg; 30kg, 60kg, 150kg;
    • Ordinance of Inmetro / Dimel no 096/2018.


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    Product Description

    Repeatability and accuracy are essential to ensure the product quality standard. Ingredient dosage points are critical for efficient tracking and monitoring. Our formulating solution guides the operator safely and quickly through the daily wrapping work and helps minimize poor batches. It was developed to facilitate the dosage of raw material in the preparation of a certain product (enamel and ceramic masses, paints and varnishes, feed, premix, mortars, bakery compounds, etc.). It is a set of hardware and software involving: industrial terminal, balance, display (to display the components of the formula, weight and how much of the product to be placed on the scale) and a control panel containing digital inputs and outputs to drive the mechanisms threads, valves, belts, etc.) that take the material to the scale.

    Possibility of customization according to the client’s needs. Check the dosage of each ingredient of the formula in the balance. Ensure the correct weight of all items for a good quality of the final product. Provide reports with weighing histories and raw material consumption.
    All data generated by the weighing stations can be integrated with the corporate system through relational database or export files. LENKE has been operating for more than 20 years in the market and has an experienced team of professionals to serve your company with quality and efficiency.

    The Web Server for this device works as an IoT tool for industry 4.0

     Technical information
    04 – Digital Inputs;
    08 – Digital Outputs;
    03 – RS-232C Serial Ports;
    01 – Ethernet Port TCP / IP;
    01 – USB 2.0 Port;
    01 – Micro SD Port (available for Memory Card).