VP-9000 Checkweigher

    Lenke’s Checkweigher VP-9000 was developed to meet the industry’s need of assuring the real weight of the commercialized products. Packing machines eventually make mistakes and might undergo sudden decalibration. The checkweigher efficiently assures this monitoring, thus avoiding damages to both the company and the customer.


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    Product Description

    Software Robustness
    The Lenke VP-9000’s software has many resources and allows customization according to the client’s needs.
    An example of such resources is the adjustment of the packing machines when the mean weight of the packages starts to diverge from the preset values. Histograms with production data allow a clear visualization of what has been produced during certain period and the data can be exported to a database for recording and further analysis.
    Lenke VP-9000 is made out of the best available components and each part of the machine was designed considering continuous usage, in two or even three daily shifts.
    The equipment is made of stainless steel and non-corrodible materials.
    The machine perfectly stands cleaning procedures of the food industry.Maintenance
    The equipment maintenance is simple and the project is compact, reducing components to the minimum necessary.
    The software interface is designed to make its use easy.